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Michelle Miller

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2019

United States

Michelle Miller is building a 21st Century labor movement that uses digital organizing methodology to give voice and shift power to workers.

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Scott Stiles

Ashoka Fellow since Oct 2018

Hong Kong

Scott Stiles aims to end debt bondage and forced labour of migrant workers throughout Asia, by making exploitative recruitment unprofitable

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Adriana Barbosa

Ashoka Fellow since Ago 2018


Adriana Barbosa is building a social and economic architecture to remove invisible barriers against black people at the corporate level to foster afro entrepreneurship in Brazil. She accelerates, connects and promotes afro-entrepreneurs while working with large companies to include them in their...

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Brandon Dennison

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2018

United States

Brandon Dennison is showing the workforce development sector how they can pioneer new and viable economic markets while at the same time creating direct employment and personal development opportunities for disadvantaged workers, dramatically transforming a stale field and helping whole regions see...

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Emilie Schmitt

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2018


Today, unemployment is essentially seen as an economical problem with widespread negative psychological consequences. Emilie wants to turn it into a positive “learning life experience”. To equip unemployed persons and society with the core capabilities to seize such an opportunity to learn and grow...

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Radek Hábl

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2018

Czech Republic

Radek Hábl is developing an evidence-based, holistic and systemic approach to transform the current unfair ecosystem of debt, spur close cooperation among key actors and bring a million of over-indebted and excluded Czech citizens back to society.

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Daniela Ancira

Ashoka Fellow since Mayo 2018


By working with the Mexican Government, Daniela is creating a new legislative framework that guarantees basic working and social standards to inmates in prison and incentivizes companies to formally employ convicts. Moreover, Daniela combines dignified, well-paid labor opportunities and a personal...

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Zarah Bruhn

Ashoka Fellow since Ene 2018


Zarah has created a new strategy for supporting refugees to find long-term employment by using a temporary employment agency model to overcome the integration barriers for both refugees and companies. In so doing, she is also easing the social integration of this rapidly growing population in...

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Theodoros Anagnostopoulos

Ashoka Fellow since Dic 2017


In an era of vast flows of unfiltered information, when the general public often cannot distinguish between science, pseudoscience and anti-science, Theo creatively engages schools, scientists, journalists, and the general public to create a culture of science literacy.

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Kenji Hayashi

Ashoka Fellow since Ago 2017


Kenji Hayashi is rejuvenating rural areas suffering from depopulation. By creating a new pathway for emerging urban professionals to build their careers as change agents in rural municipalities, Kenji is creating a system that enables the sustainable development of struggling rural communities.

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