• CREEMOS que todas las personas tienen la capacidad para...
  • POTENCIAMOS emprendedores sociales activando redes que les...
  • FOMENTAMOS el desarrollo de habilidades para que niños...
  • ACELERAMOS ecosistemas de cambio social para que se unan a...
2021 ACMS

Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2021

Ashoka en México

Somos una organización global que hace más de 40 años acompaña la transición hacia un nuevo paradigma, activando nuestras redes para que todas las personas puedan desarrollar habilidades que les permitan ser y actuar como Agentes de Cambio.

How society helps children grow up needs fundamental innovation at least as urgently as in how it produces computers. That is why Ashoka is so important. It finds, helps launch, and then links and leverages the most powerful social innovations and innovators.
Carol Bellamy
Former Executive Director, UNICEF
Carol Bellamy

Bill Drayton emphasized to us [that] empathy is increasingly becoming our primary resource for dealing with the exponential rate of change the world is going through.

Arianna Huffington
Founder, The Huffington Post
Headshot of Arianna Huffington

We recognize a new era is about to start. In this new era, empathy and changemaking skills, which Ashoka exemplifies, would equip our young people to lead the country.

Kan Suzuki
Profesor de la Universidad de Tokio y la Universidad de Keio
Headshot of Kan Suzuki

No matter a person’s abilities, if he or she helps others – to that degree he or she will be powerful, happy, and long-lived. That’s why Ashoka’s leadership in building a world where everyone is a changemaker, i.e., a giver, makes it so special and powerful.

Timothy P. Shriver
Chairman, the Special Olympics

Forbes knows that the story is change. No one sees that more clearly than Ashoka. It has an extraordinary ability both to envision the big, new patterns and to engineer their emergence.