Sanjana: Converting stigma into dignity

RutuChakra challenges cultural taboos around women’s menstruation by providing education, resources, and facilities for women to practice safe menstrual hygiene.
Sanjana AYC India 2019

Sanjana strongly believes in a woman’s right to resources and education about her own health. Observing the huge lack of hygienic menstrual practices and awareness, Sanjana’s organization, RutuChakra, has a mission to celebrate and embrace womanhood.

RutuChakra challenges cultural practices and taboos against women’s health and menstruation by providing education resources, trainings, and facilities for women of all ages to practice safe menstrual hygiene in marginalized areas. The venture coordinates a regular supply of menstrual products in several communities to ensure young girls have access to the products and information they need. In the past 18 months since she founded her organization, RutuChakra has supported 550+ girls, provided over 36,000+ menstrual products, conducted 11+ workshops, and partnered with over 11 organizations and government schools.

Since she started her venture, Sanjana has seen a mindset shift, and especially in a growing awareness of the importance of gender inclusivity. In the next 3 years, RutuChakra ambitiously aspires to raise more awareness amongst girls and women across rural and urban areas while delivering over 1.5 million menstrual products.