Encuentra a los Emprendedores Ashoka

Jesús Michel Cuen

Ashoka Fellow since Ene 1991

Pueblo Nuevo

Jesus Michel is taking commitment to human rights beyond the small circuit of academics and activists. He's building what he describes as "a culture of respect for human rights" among the least-informed citizens that encourages and enables them to stand up against the abuses that have long been...

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Aku Christy Orduh

Ashoka Fellow since Abr 2001

Friends of the Disabled

Aku Christy Orduh provides disabled people with the tools necessary to gain economic self-sufficiency and full integration into society.

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Daniel Gerardo Raviolo

Ashoka Fellow since Nov 1991


Daniel Gerardo Raviolo, an Argentine living in Brazil, has established a newspool, publishing, and advertising joint venture for small community and social organization newsletters.

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Chantal Mainguené

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2010


Responding to the lack of adequate, affordable childcare solutions after school hours, Chantal Mainguené has created the first integrated, scalable afterschool program in France. By mobilizing latent resources in the community, Chantal is demonstrating how it is possible to offer a high-quality...

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Jagdish Pradhan

Ashoka Fellow since Ene 1993


Jagdish Pradhan is helping peasant farmers in arid parts of India to reclaim traditional community water management systems and convert to organic farming while reversing more than two decades of growing "drought vulnerability" brought about, in part, by the introduction of "modern" agricultural...

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Geraldo Santos Marinho

Ashoka Fellow since Dic 1987


Helping Poor Communities Have a Say in Their Own Development

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Hamzah M.

Ashoka Fellow since Mayo 2002


Hamzah is engaging dry-land communities in developing and spreading new technologies to improve agricultural productivity.

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Aamir Sohail Saddozai

Ashoka Fellow since Ago 2007

Social Alliance for Human Activation, Rehabilitation & Activation (SAHARA)

By partnering with medical professionals, religious leadership, parents, lawyers, citizen organizations, local government, and the media, Aamir Sohail Saddozai is working to deconstruct the social and economic myths surrounding the disabled in Pakistan. By increasing their access to education and...

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Darell Hammond

Ashoka Fellow since Ago 2003

United States

Darell Hammond has created an effective delivery mechanism to get playgrounds built by bringing together communities and corporate volunteers in underprivileged communities in the United States. In poor communities the pent-up demand for spaces to play results in young people turning to television...

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Dialia Keita

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2009


More than two million Malian are emigrants (Coumba: does that mean there are two million Malians out of a total population of x million that currently live abroad?). They leave for neighboring countries (Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire), but also to the Congo and Europe, especially to France, Spain, and...

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