Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2019

About Riski

Thanks to the support and inspiration from his family, Riski is leading initiatives that address both environmental and economic challenges to improve his village.

When Riski moved to a new village, he saw multiple environmental and social problems, including poor water drainage, a deficient of trees, economically disadvantaged elderly and widowed community members, a lack of public spaces to play, and a general lack of community involvement. After living in the village for six months, Riski discovered that these social problems were not isolated, but rather intimately interconnected.  Riski decided to take action by finding solutions to environmental issues through economic development and women empowerment. Together with his team of local young people and the neighborhood chief, he optimizes idle resources with activities such as utilizing vacant land for gardening, establishing a public space for children to play, and recycling plastics waste while creating income generating activities for women and elders in the community. Riski’s holistic approach demonstrates how changemakers can tackle complex issues through a sustainable, solutions-based lens.