Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2019

About Rere

Rere opened a “multiliteracy” center to encourage a culture of reading, writing, and changemaking in her community.

Growing up without a television, Rere developed a love for reading early on. However, when she was in school, she was dismayed by the negative content online her friends’ were watching and reading. In response, Rere opened a “multiliteracy” center, Mc Ganz Reading Center at the age of 10 and with the help of her mother. With an abundance of books, they opened the Center inside their home. For Rere, the Center incites a community of young people to practice reading and writing to express their voice, master empathy, and prepare enriching content for other young people to read. Together, Rere and her friends are producing positive, youth-written content to challenge and outpace more mainstream, negative narratives.