Christian D

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Christian AYC US 2019
United States
Elected in 2019

About Christian D

When Christian noticed that students were leaving messes in his school hallways, he saw an opportunity to promote interconnectedness between students, staff, and custodians.

When he transitioned from homeschooling to public schools, Christian was struck by how students would litter without considering who would have to clean it up. Upon further introspection, Christian discovered a larger disconnect between students and staff, especially the janitorial staff. 

Alongside his school’s Key Club, Christian launched the Custodian Service Initiative (CSI) to lessen apathy and promote interconnectedness between students, staff, and custodians. His team leads school-wide programs to promote energy conservation, recycling programs, and ongoing appreciation of staff to ensure dignity and respect across the high school. By enabling other students to step up and lead, Christian and his team are sustaining their efforts and changing the culture of their school for the better.

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