Chirag V

Ashoka Young Changemaker
United States
Elected in 2018

About Chirag V

Chirag is combining art, entrepreneurship, and technology to promote creativity and innovation for social good.

Chirag Vedullapalli was born into a family of entrepreneurs. He found his own strengthen in painting at a young age and started to sell his paintings when he was five. Chirag subsequently donated the proceeds from his paintings to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Excited by his idea, Chirag coordinated painting parties at his art teacher's home and encouraged his friends to donate, too. At age 10, Chirag founded the non-profit Creative Children for Charity, or "3C" to encourage channel young people’s time and talent into an avenue for positive change. The venture sparks creativity and innovation from their technology programs to teach 3D printing in Seattle’s public schools to youth-focused entrepreneurship events to showcase local young entrepreneurship.  

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