Hilmi Quraishi shares his story with the Hindu Business Line

hilmi's article hindu business
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Hilmi Quraishi - Ashoka Fellow participating in the 2018 Globalizer on Accelerating Healthcare Access - founded ZMQ in 1999 in India. This software development system uses modern mobile technology to spread accessible healthcare messages to the population. The idea was developed to tackle HIV/AIDS which is not only a health calamity but also an economic burden affecting the productivity of the Indian society itself. 

ZMQ developed and offered to the young population intuitive and affordable games while sharing important public health and social communication messages. The idea was and still is relevant to generations of youth not only as technology, but that it incorporates sensitive interactive messages contextually adapted for culture, religion, regional needs, and social mores.

After working for many years in the healthcare sector, Hilmi also conceived MIRA Channel in 2013 to counteract the high maternal and infant mortality rates. MIRA is a holistic mobilephone channel that delivers women with maternal & child health information and provisions services by timely connecting with public health system. MIRA delivers information by transmitting localized audio that works as ‘Talking toolkit’ for millions of semiliterate women. Women are also tracked for high-risk pregnancy symptoms which are sent to the cloud to Midwives enabling to take immediate action. 

Having impacted people all around India,  Afghanistan,  Uganda and Eastern Africa, we are proud to announce that Hilmi shared his successfull story and perspective with the Hindu Business Line

hilmi's article hindu business