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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Kodjo DJISSENOU Fellow Togo 2018
Inoussa Ouedraogo Fellow Burkina Faso 2018
North Central College Changemaker Campus United States 2018
Georgian College Changemaker Campus Canada 2018
Lauren McNamara Fellow Canada At risk youth, Behavioral issues, Early childhood development, Education / Learning, Play, Children & Youth 2018
Paula Daniels Fellow United States Labor, Food security, Ecology, Natural resource management, Sustainability, Urban, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity, Environment & Sustainability 2018
Kara Bobroff Fellow United States Education / Learning, Education reform, Youth development, Youth leadership, Cultural preservation, Indigenous cultures, Children & Youth, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Sérgio Serapião Fellow Brazil 2018
Diane Pereira Sousa Fellow Brazil Education / Learning, Non-formal education, Youth development, Children & Youth 2018
Sérgio Serapião Fellow Brazil Citizen / community participation, Aging, Civic Engagement, Health & Fitness 2018
Natalia Rodrigues Fellow Brazil 2018
Natalia Rodrigues Fellow Brazil Freedom of information, News & knowledge, Transparency, Civic Engagement 2018
Raquel Rosenberg Fellow Brazil Youth development, Youth leadership, Children & Youth 2018
Bjorn Low Hoek Fellow Singapore 2018
Johnson Oei Fellow Malaysia Civic Engagement, Housing, Indigenous cultures, Development & Prosperity, Human Rights & Equality 2018