Welcome to the team! Meet Johanna Vierros & Pegah Afsharian

We are very excited to introduce our two new members of the team: Johanna Vierros, Social Entrepreneurship Manager and Pegah Afsharian, Community lead for Sweden.
Johanna Vierros and Pegah Afsharian
Origen: Johanna Vierros and Pegah Afsharian

Before joining Ashoka Nordic, Johanna led an incubator project for promising non-profits at Phoenix/Startup Refugees. She also founded a social venture focusing on responsible village travel in Africa and Asia, with local host families in nine countries and customers from all continents. 

Pegah’s social innovation path, on the other hand, started right after high school when she got engaged as a volunteer within various human rights and integration projects: 

“My parents came to Sweden from Iran as immigrants in the 80’s, and almost 30 years later, I found that newly arrived citizens in Sweden were still facing similar challenges as my parents did when I was growing up. 

In society, the cultural polarization was growing. The integration projects in Sweden too often focused on unequal meetings, where new Swedes often got referred to as the “refugees” who were in need of help, and the established Swedes were referred to as the “guides” or “mentors” that were supposed to help. Also, all the initiatives in this field were set up as time limited projects and when the project funding ended – all the knowledge and achievements disappeared as well.” - Pegah Afsharian

Therefore, in 2013, Pegah co-founded Kompis Sverige with the vision to create a more inclusive society by connecting new and established Swedes, erasing perceived barriers:

How to create a more inclusive society has always been very close to my heart, strongly influenced by my parents' journey to become included in the Swedish society”.

Johanna, on the other hand, has known about Ashoka for almost a decade, and she has been impressed by its pioneering vision in the field of social entrepreneurship:  

I think that Ashoka has found a secret sauce in bringing together actors from all walks of life to create real, long-lasting change in the society.

As Social Entrepreneurship Manager, Johanna looks forward to getting to know the community and network around Ashoka, both locally in the Nordics and globally in Europe and beyond: 

I hope to connect with the 20+ Nordic Fellows and support them as much as I can, with our committed partners and supporters. - Johanna Vierros

In Pegah’s view, with all the challenges the world is facing today, the way forward is to strive for a world where each individual can be part of and create the change they believe in. Over the next year, Pegah hopes to create and enable partnerships for changemaking as well as support the development of a curious, efficient team focused on well-being. She is also willing to explore how we can develop a movement of young changemakers and social entrepreneurs together with our Nordic Ashoka support network and partners.   

I want to contribute to reducing any thresholds that may limit such changes to be made, and to support in providing the tools needed for people to create long lasting changes. Building long lasting solutions not only require time and patience, but also the ability to co-create with others and to engage a strong team of changemakers and supporters around you. - Pegah Afsharian

Johanna, at the same time, has always loved working with youth. She sees the emphasis Ashoka places on youth as the real (and perhaps only) problem-solvers of the future as both heartwarming and smart:

"There is no better way to shift our collective mindset than educating and encouraging youngsters to act on problems they see in the society.”

Young Changemakers at the Ashoka Nordic Youth Summit
Young Changemakers at the Ashoka Nordic Youth Summit

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