Impact! Africa Summit 2019: A Platform for Social Innovation and Collaboration in Africa

Inspiring & Connecting social entrepreneurs, changemakers, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders across Africa.

The Impact!Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit aims at accelerating social innovations to Africa’s most pressing challenges by Inspiring & Connecting social entrepreneurs, changemakers, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders across Africa.

In 2018, Ashoka and the British Council held the first edition of Impact!Africa Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa where over 640 people participated from 39 countries. There were 105 speakers including anti-apartheid leader Jay Naidoo, UK Parliament member Baroness Thornton and leading social entrepreneurs inspired and challenged conventional thinking. 

We are excited to offer again this platform in 2019 for social change and greater collaboration across sectors for active and aspiring changemakers. Ashoka Africa and the British Council will host the second edition of the Impact! Africa Summit in Nairobi, Kenya on 3-4 December 2019.

The main theme: Collaborative Finance for Social Innovation and how to catalyze social innovation (social enterprise + social entrepreneurship) in Africa through:

  1. Future Financing Models for Social Innovation: (1) Financing models for Africa – (2) Financial Innovation-The financing continuum: Institutions, services and products; (4) Impact financing/investment;
  2. A Framework for Social Innovation: (1) Expansion of African social innovation industry (2) Potentialities, strategic development approaches and technical capabilities required; (3) Pragmatic approaches to the development of social innovation, (4) Getting everyone aligned.

The Summit Attendees

  • Social Entrepreneurs and Young Leaders - Leading social entrepreneurs and young leaders from across Africa working on a variety of fields including education, youth employment, women employment, environment, access to essential services, etc. 
  • Social Investors - Foundations, companies, organizations and individuals who are investing in social innovation as their strategy to generate positive impact at a national or regional level.
  • Thought Leaders - Representatives of academia and organizations deepening in the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
  • Policy Makers & Public players - Players able to shape ecosystems to enable social innovation to flourish in Africa. 

Why attend the Summit?

MeetingConnect- connect with the key drivers of social innovation ecosystems in Africa: outstanding social entrepreneurs and young leaders, investors, companies, foundations, public actors and decision makers

Fireworks Celebrate-celebrate emerging social entrepreneurs and young leaders with system-changing solutions to societal issues across Africa

Classroom Learn-discover new trends and models on social innovation, deepen expertise on Pan-African approaches to social change and on methodologies to scale social innovation.

Group brainstorm Co-create-generate new connections between social entrepreneurs, business, investors, philanthropy and public actors.

For more information on the summit, visit the Impact!Africa website.