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    “People Who Are Loveable Do Better": Edgar Cahn and the Economics of Empathy


    Ashoka recently talked to Cahn as part of an on-going series of interviews designed to explore what empathy is all about, and to uncover specific strategies for cultivating it. 

    Can Impact Investment Be an Effective Tool to Reduce Poverty?


    As a new field, impact investing has tremendous potential to address the challenges of poverty.

    Change Nation Convention in Dublin Generates Nearly 300 Commitments to Action


    Change Nation, a three-day event, convened 50 of the world’s top social entrepreneurs in Dublin last weekend — includin

    Insights about promoting financial inclusion from Ashoka Fellow and Kiva founder Matt Flannery


    Matt Flannery, founder and CEO of Kiva and Ashoka Fellow, talks to Ashoka about how Kiva is promoting financial inclusion.

    Is Business the Place where Social Impact Happens Most? Ashoka Fellow Ben Powell Thinks So


    My interest in entrepreneurship as a tool for development began after I started a miniature golf business in Puebla Mexico.

    Why banks should reach out to social entrepreneurs


    Close your eyes and think of banking. You probably see men in suits, office towers, Bloomberg terminals, and maybe a cash machine—a world that is far removed from African village elders with a phone, migrant workers queuing at a cash shop, children receiving a paycheck for factory work, or doorstep lenders in poor suburbs.

    Creating A Line Of Credit With Friends: The New Trend In Finance


    Big news: Three Ashoka Fellows have created the first do-it-yourself credit creation app.