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    Making Imagination an Academic Goal


    Ashoka Fellow Aleta Margolis, founder and executive director of the Center for Inspired Teaching, discusses re

    Nourishing Schools in India


    Ashoka and Swiss Re Foundation are partnering with schools to enable children to improve their own nutrition and that of their communities in India. In 2011 Ashoka and the Swiss Re Foundation started their journey on exploring how to improve the health status in India.

    Changemaker Skills


    From The CEO Of Fox & Sheep: Parenting In The Age Of Angry Birds


    Verena Pausder is Founder and CEO of Berlin-based Fox & Sheep, a leading digital publisher that

    Can we help children understand ‘problem solving’ through fun?


    If you have a problem, don’t muddle through.
    Here’s a simple rap about what to do.

    What is the value of saying ‘hello’?


    Recently, I listened to a news story about a young teen was bullied by his classmates.

    Why we don’t do art in school (and why we should)


    In these times, when the demolition of a place as historic as Sesame Street can be thwarted by editing for shorter attention