Schneider Electric Logo.jpg Schneider Electric Logo, partner of Ashoka in multiple countries. Large type Schneider in green above green outline of an S, with the word Electric also in green but in smaller font than everything else

Ashoka Portugal

Created in 1998 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Schneider Electric Foundation is committed to projects that emphasize sustainable and practical training and integration of young people, primarily for energy related careers, education for sustainable development through innovative

Badur Foundation Logo Partner Ashoka Hungary Badur Foundation Logo, Partner of Ashoka Hungary; Badur in white letters within a sold red rectangle. Foundation in small red letters next to the rectangle

Ashoka Hungary

The Badur Foundation's overarching aim is to tackle poverty through education and social entreprise. They find people and projects focused on helping marginalised and disadvantaged individuals and groups who want to improve their future prospects and those of their communities.

redsquaredg.jpg redsquaredg.jpg

Impact Hub is a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 15,000+ members in 80+ locations. Impact Hubs are where change goes to work.

CMS Budapest Logo Partner Ashoka Hungary CMS Budapest Partner Logo; Big Black Bold C M S next to each other, underneath the words "Law" and "Tax"

Ashoka Hungary

The CMS Budapest provides legal and tax services in Hungary since 1989. The CMS Team offers  unique, sector-specific legal advice on commercial law, for Hungarian and international companies.

Corvinus University of Budapest - CEMS Partner Ashoka Hungary Corvinus University of Budapest - CEMS Logo; Giant C with a bird holding a golden ring next to the c.

Ashoka Hungary

CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) is a collaboration between the world’s leading business schools and universities, as well as multinational companies and civil society organizations.

Logo for THBE Partner of Ashoka Hungary Triangle with a red corner, blue corner, and purple corner, forming a hexagon in the center of the triangle. Bold black letters all capitalized saying "THBE" on the bottom

Ashoka Hungary

THBE is a community of investors committed to contribute to positive social change. It works to stimulate the impact ecosystem and to increase the number of social impact investments by developing the sector through knowledge-sharing and professional networking events.

Hiflylabs Logo Logo for Hiflylabs; green pentagon with Hiflylabs right next to it

Ashoka Hungary

Hiflylabs deals with intelligence solutions, consulting and mobile development. In 2017 they were added to the list of the most dynamically growing Central European technology companies.

Simpact Logo Ashoka Hungary Partner Logo for Ashoka Hungary Partner Simpact; Red S in a cylindrical shape, over Bold capitalized words saying "SIMPACT." underneath, in the same color red as the s: increasing your social impact"

Ashoka Hungary

SIMPACT makes non-profit and church organizations, social businesses, and their supporters more effective in Hungary and at an international level.

Impact Design Logo Ashoka Hungary Partner Logo for Impact Design, Partner of Ashoka Hungary. Lowercase letters in bold and black saying "impact" with a red period. Next line, lowercase letters in the same bold and black saying "design"

Ashoka Hungary

Impact Design partners with mission-driven organisations to help them grow, expand their impact through design and communication. By using agile design techniques that put humans first, they help organisations grow in a sustainable way.