A Young ChangemakHER story - Rofida Essam increasing access to first aid training

Rofida Essam.png ChangemakHER Rofida Essam


Rofida is one of the winners of the 2019 Young ChangemakHERs Transformative Journey and Competition. She has been actively working on shifting community mindsets in Cairo to raise awareness about the importance of First Aid by increasing people's access to training. Despite the challenges in 2020, she continued expanding her initiative by using her changemakHER's abilities to innovate, adapt and find new solutions. Learn more on how she has been adapting her work and how she experienced the Transformative Journey and Competition through this interview.

Hear Ashoka Arab Fellows Describe What the Fellowship Means to Them

Ashoka Arab World in the Eyes of Its Fellows

Kara Fitzgerald

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In January 2017, Ashoka Arab World convened 10 Fellows for a retreat in Fayoum, Egypt, where they had the opportunity to reflect on their place in the Fellowship Community.
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From its headquarters in Liechtenstein, the Hilti Foundation has championed Ashoka’s changemaking vision in the Arab region since our establishment in 2003.

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