We are currently looking for volunteers to join the Ashoka UK team! If you’re interested in applying for a volunteer position with us, please read the information below which contains relevant facts about the application process and timelines.


We recruit volunteers on an on-going basis. Volunteers are a core part of our team and we want to ensure we can give each one a rewarding experience: we will therefore only accept somebody if we know that we have the capacity to provide them with enough support to grow during their time at Ashoka. Volunteers join us for a minimum of four months, generally on a full-time basis, starting in January, May or September.

We usually have three or four volunteers with us throughout the year, although this varies depending on our workload. The Changemaker Education Volunteer position and the Data and Process Development Volunteer position are the most role-specific ones, which is why they have their own openings. For all our other positions, the only must-have is a genuine interest in social impact and social innovation. That’s why we’ve created a single opening, Ashoka UK Volunteer – General Opening.

Please read the role specifications below for more information. If you’re a good fit we’ll call you in for an interview with two staff members, and if everything goes well we will then decide, together with you, which position is the best fit for you. The generic role specification contains more info on the different areas we frequently need support with. Due to our limited capacities, we will only start reviewing applications 30 days before the specific start date of that opening. Please be patient while you wait for a response.

If you are submitting a last-minute application for a specific position (15 days before the stated start date), please apply through the online platform and follow up with an email to infouk@ashoka.org. That way, we can make sure your application is considered in time! We hope to hear from you soon!


Ashoka UK Volunteer – General Opening

Are you a real team player? We are looking for volunteers to join us in our mission to create an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world. Here at Ashoka we believe teamwork can be used to take on any challenge or opportunity, which is why we are looking for people who share our values and have a passion for social innovation. Successful candidates will then be selected for various positions with the Fellowship, Global Competitions, Operations, Partnerships and Venture teams.

For more information please click here, and to apply now click here.


Data and Process Development Volunteer

Do details make your world go around? We know that changing the world depends on getting the little things right and we’d like to find someone who shares this understanding. We’re looking for an organiser, someone who finds pleasure in creating order. This part-time role would involve supporting and managing the Salesforce processes that keep the Ashoka UK family running happily, and proactively liaising with the team to think of solutions for our different data management challenges.

For further information click here, and to apply now click here.


Changemaker Education Volunteer

Do you have a passion for education? In the Changemaker Education team at Ashoka, we bring together the UK’s most innovative and impact-focused schools and partners in the country. We’re building a network of schools and other important actors in education to re-imagine learning for the 21st century, prioritising empathy and changemaking as core student outcomes.

For further information click here, and to apply now click here.

This article was originally published on 12 July 2017

Aroa joined Ashoka in 2013, starting her journey at the Spanish office. There she worked as a Programme Manager for Ashoka’s This Works partnership, bringing entrepreneurial solutions to unemployment in Southern Europe. She was also the Finance Manager for the Spanish office. In January 2016 she moved to London, where she now works as Finance, Operations and Partnerships Manager. Aroa holds a degree in International Relations with a focus on sustainable development and international security. She also has a BA in Translation and Interpreting, where her research focused on intercultural mediation and interpretation in conflict zones.

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