Une Idée Folle

On Thursday 23rd  of February, we had the pleasure of welcoming 240 people to the Belgian Avant-Premiere of Une Idée Folle at the Theatre du Vaudeville. We were lucky to have the director Judith Grumbach among us, as well as teachers, parents, students and other enthusiastic stakeholders. It was an inspiring evening, full of passionate exchanges and talks about reinventing education. The night ended on a hopeful and optimistic note.

The 80 minutes’ documentary, directed by Judith Grumbach and co-produced by Ashoka and Horizons Productions, is filmed in nine Changemaker Schools across France and raises the question of the role of education in the 21st century. As they cultivate the skills of empathy, creativity, cooperation, leadership and critical thinking, the teachers in these schools have one dream: to help train a future generation changemakers and equip young people with the tools to positively transform the society that surrounds them. Une Idée Folle sheds light on these pioneering establishments that are challenging our current education system and empowering young people to take the lead in creating a better future.



Scheduled Projections

If you have missed the avant-première and would like to see the documentary, there are many projections coming up in Belgium:​​​​

  • Screening organised by Quai10, Charleroi: 5th of October at 8pm
  • Screening organised by LEEP Tournai, 13 rue des Clairisses, 7500 Tournai: 11th of October at 7.30 pm 
  • Screening organised by Les écoles communales de Les Bons Villers, 69 bis rue Helsen, 6211 Mellet: 16th of October at 7pm
  • Screening organised by Henallux , 121 Fonds de Malonne, 5020 Malonne: 26th of October at 7pm: 4€
  • Screening organised by Centre Culturel de Spa, 8 rue Servais, 4900 Spa: 27th of November at 7.30pm
  • Screening organised byCentre Culturel de Bièvre, 39A Rue de Bouillon, 5555 Bièvre: 30th of November 


Please contact Lauriane Boes on belgique@uneideefolle-lefilm.com if you wish to organise your own projection 


This article was originally published on 20 December 2016
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