Saving gorillas by saving people

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Gladys runs her own organization, Conservation through Public Health. In many wildlife-protected areas in Uganda, communities and wildlife are sharing habitats, living closer and more interdependent lives than ever before. Gladys’ team links Uganda's wildlife management and rural public health programs to create common resources that benefit both people and animals.

Gladys credits her time building the Wildlife Club in high school as her driving force behind her motivation to launch her own organization.

Watch and share a video about Gladys and the gorillas.


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While others may have been overwhelmed and intimidated at the thought of setting up an entire department, Gladys could rely on her past experience creating a new venture as a teen. While previously she had simply wanted to be a vet for pets and domesticated animals, her time in the Wildlife Club inspired her to look outside the box and work with the critically endangered animals she first engaged with while starting her chapter of the Wildlife Club. Today, Gladys runs her own organization.

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