Online Course for Changemakers: How to Create and Report Impact

A free, online, self-guided course teaches social entrepreneurs and changemakers at all stages of project development how to create and measure social change with lasting impact.

Many Ashoka Fellows are already using the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) described in this interactive web-based training “Framing Impact with the Social Reporting Standard,” which was created by Ashoka and Social Reporting Initiative e.V.

This learning module offers a clear and compelling overview of SRS, a tool for building projects with maximum impact, defining target groups, and reporting outcomes to stakeholders. It is available on in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Griesback SRS
The training presents real-life examples of how Ashoka Fellows have used SRS to strenghten their own organizations.

“Many Ashoka Fellows already have adopted the SRS model for annual reporting to stakeholders, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Ashoka on expanding the reach of SRS with this new web-based training,” said Jan Engelmann, CEO of Social Reporting Initiative based in Germany.

The training employs background context, case studies and activities to cover six topic areas:

  1. The social problem and your solution
  2. Target groups
  3. Intended results
  4. Presentation of the impact logic
  5. Impact monitoring
  6. Ready to put SRS into practice

The SRS framework has helped Ashoka Fellows and their organizations all over the world, including Mary Delano of Mexico, founder of México Tierra de Amaranto, Jürgen Griesbeck of Germany, founder of streetfootballworld, and Claire Nouvian of France, founder of BLOOM.

Why Use SRS?
Users receive a step-by-step overview of the benefits of implementing SRS.

"BLOOM strives to invent a sustainable equation for the exploitation of the ocean," Nouvian said. "We have adapted the precious SRS tool to our needs . . . to increase the readability of our impact. The SRS grid should be endorsed by any NGO seeking to reach the best possible results as the framing also questions the upstream strategy."

After completing the “Framing Impact with the Social Reporting Standard” web-based training, users can access the full SRS guide in English here. Users also are invited to join the Ashoka SRS Google Group for posting questions and engaging in open discussion.

This article was originally published on 24 July 2017
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