Empathy and Changemaker Schools Director - Amy Satterthwaite

Amy Satterthwaite

When Empathy and Changemaker Schools Director Amy Satterthwaite first read her job description, she felt as if it were written just for her. Amy was already on the same wavelength as Start Empathy: she saw empathy as the core of every effort to make a change, and K-12 education as the key to embedding it in society. That’s why Amy loves working with innovative educators—she was one of them.

“I’ve always deeply valued the development of social and emotional skills in young people and have made that a core aspect of my teaching practice. This personal imperative has pushed me to look past supposed systemic limitations toward what’s possible, and to take the risk of leading by example.”

Amy reenters the nonprofit sector, after over a decade as an intrapreneurial teacher, as our catalyst for systems change in Canadian education through the Changemaker Schools initiative. Out of the office, she keeps busy as a mother of two young changemakers, a singer in a rock choir, and a butter tart aficionado.

This article was originally published on July 19, 2016

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