Vista Hills is a school located in southwestern Ontario, on the west-side of the City of Waterloo, on the edge of our city line and bordering the Township of Wilmot.  Our school opened its doors for the first time in September of 2016, and its unique design and architecture captures the high-tech sector focus for which the Region of Waterloo is known internationally.  

The vision for the school is "living and learning in a 21st century culture of innovation and collaboration, with a foundation of solid character and strong community."  This shared vision has been fully embraced by the staff, students, and parent community, and we have a collective desire to share our work beyond our school community.   

One of the main areas of focus, through this shared vision, is our emphasis on a unique HERO Generation school initiative.  We are proud to be the first school of its kind that uses positive psychology as the foundation for the physical, social, emotional, and academic success of our students.  Through a deep and meaningful partnership with Plasticity Labs, we are centered on the growth and development of the attributes of HOPE - EFFICACY - RESILIENCE - OPTIMISM  (HERO). . . GRATITUDE - EMPATHY - MINDFULNESS (GEM) to help our students / parents / families / community be happier, healthier and higher performing individuals and citizens, both locally and globally.  Additional benefits to these  traits include: higher academic performance, mental healthiness, physical literacy, and personal/professional engagement, among many others. Our work focuses on building these key, high-performance traits. As a result of this, we constantly strive to be change makers in our community, and are motivated to produce a "ripple effect" with our HERO Generation emphasis.

We are proud to be part of the Waterloo Region District School School Board, who are fully supportive of the HERO Generation initiative, and who have expanded the HERO Generation project to an additional ten schools during the 2017-2018 school year, and further growth in future years to come.

We are the home of the Vista Hills Hawks, and we strive to encourage our entire school community to model and exemplify our foundational belief that "Vista Hills Hawks are HEROs.  We give others GEMs everyday."

We are committed to expanding our:

  • 21st century learning foci
  • Innovative practices
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Community-centeredness and growth
  • Character-driven emphasis

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