The ASN Effect: How ASN Members Help Ashoka Fellows Change the World

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Imagine what the world would look like if leaders from all sectors used their skills, resources, and networks to effect significant, positive social change. ASN is a global community that connects innovative, successful leaders from a variety of fields with the world’s foremost social entrepreneurs.

Understanding Ashoka’s Mission 
We live in a truly historical moment. Our world—long characterized by efficiency in repetition—is now defined by accelerating change and advancing technologies that are empowering individuals everywhere. To navigate and lead in this new, dynamic environment, everyone must master the skills of leadership, teamwork, empathy, and creativity. In short, everyone must become a changemaker. Thirty-five years ago, Ashoka introduced the notion that there is nothing more powerful than a bold, new idea in the hands of a great entrepreneur. We started building a fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs—Ashoka Fellows—who catalyze social change through such an idea and build a movement around it. From that, the field of social entrepreneurship grew, and the Ashoka Fellowship now comprises more than 3,000 innovators across 85 countries.

The Critical Role of the Ashoka Support Network
To scale the impact of our Fellowship, Ashoka created the Ashoka Support Network (ASN), a global network of successful leaders who understand this historical moment and who recognize the world’s need for more changemakers. ASN members devote their experience, resources, and personal networks to collaborations with Ashoka Fellows. Beyond giving annual financial contributions to Ashoka, ASN members provide Fellows with key advice, networks, and capital—enabling them to broadly scale their system-changing ideas.

However, the benefits do not flow only one way; ASN members consistently realize social, financial, and personal returns through their engagements with Ashoka Fellows. ASN members fully apply their creativity, energy, and connections to realize shared value between the social and business sectors.

The ASN Effect: Impact Study


This article was originally published on June 14, 2016
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