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The Ashoka Fellowship will help shape a society that is able to tackle the problems of tomorrow. Our driving interest is seeing a world where everyone has the skills, self-permission and resources to make the changes we need. We see our greatest challenge yet in inspiring more people at all ages, and in all walks of life, to see themselves as “changemakers”. Our network of Fellows is at the centre of inspiring this rippling effect of changemaking.

We select the people with the best ideas to bring positive changes to society.

  • We support them with finance, professional services and a network of business leaders who are committed to help them build sustainable and impactful organisations.
  • We connect them with innovative social entrepreneurs in 89 countries, philanthropists, professionals and institutions and offer them multiple possibilities of networking, exchanges and synergies.
  • We help scale their idea locally, nationally and globally by providing knowledge, best practices and networks. 


Mobile School Azië

I believe an organisation such Ashoka is really key because you build a network. Ashoka really engages you and gives you the feeling that you are part of a movement that really gives you the energy to go on and that you are not alone

- Arnoud Raskin, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Mobile School


5 years after their election …

  94% of the Ashoka Fellows are still in the process of developing their innovation


   72% consider that Ashoka played a significant role in their development


   56% have influenced public policies


   93% have influenced other organisations or seen their work replicated by others


Since launching in Belgium, we have elected and supported 10 Fellows who have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. 

Read more about them here: 

This article was originally published on 30 November 2016

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