Across the world, health disparities run deep through communities and create differences in access that are unjust and avoidable. Recognizing the need to level the playing field, social entrepreneurs are creating the new, visionary solutions needed to transform health systems and ensure that all people can access the care they need.

To support this work, The Philips Foundation and Ashoka are collaborating on a multi-year effort that unleashes the power of social innovation to make health equity a reality. The partnership is rooted in Philips' longstanding commitment to improving the lives of people and communities through innovation and Ashoka's decades of experience identifying leading social entrepreneurs whose impact changes the systems they work within.

Together, the Philips Foundation and Ashoka have identified 13 social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) that will undergo the Ashoka Globalizer Program with the goal of scaling the impact of their healthcare solutions and co-creating new models for shared business and social value.  



About the Philips Foundation

The Philips Foundation aims to reduce health inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities. It does this by deploying the expertise, knowledge and innovative skills of Royal Philips in collaborative projects with humanitarian organizations and social entrepreneurs across the world to design, adopt and deploy healthcare solutions that are sustainable and inclusive. We are running up to 100 projects worldwide, impacting communities in countries as diverse as Spain, Austria, Kenya, UK, Italy, China, India, US, Uganda, and Sweden. 


About the Ashoka Globalizer Program

The Globalizer Program consists of a 14 weeks accelerating process where fellows are engaged and connected with experienced Ashoka team members and highly-trained external advisors that will help them develop and improve their scaling strategy. At the end of the online accelerating process, fellows will have the opportunity to get together at the Globalizer Summit to share and discuss their strategy and network with leaders from different sectors. 



Meet our System Entrepreneurs

In the last 6 years, more than 250 Ashoka Fellows participated in the Ashoka Globalizer Program. For this cohort, our 13 System Entrepreneurs have been selected among Ashoka Fellows whose aim is to systemically change the global health sector and exponentially create scalable impact. 

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