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The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a global community of successful, innovative leaders from a variety of fields who see entrepreneurship as the primary engine for economic and social development. The network includes more than 350 members in 25 countries.

Unlike traditional philanthropists, ASN members are changemakers who fully apply their creativity, energy, and connections to effect positive social change. By pledging to contribute a minimum amount to Ashoka over a three-year period, ASN members gain exclusive access to connect and engage with Ashoka Fellows.

ASN members engage with Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows in a number of different ways, based on their interests and skills: ASN members frequently participate in Ashoka Globalizer events, serve on advisory boards for Ashoka Fellows, attend local/regional retreats with members of the Ashoka community, assist Ashoka staff with institution-building efforts, and congregate at the ASN Global Summit—among other engagement opportunities.

Please read our ASN brochure to learn more about how members bring value to and benefit from the Ashoka network, and email infoasn@ashoka.org with any questions about ASN.

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Ashoka Support Network in United States


ASN photo from website


The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a community of successful leaders in their own fields based in the US helping Ashoka US build to an everyone a changemaker world. The ASN the US supports our 200+ Fellows working across the country, as well as our work with changemaker schools and universities.

Once I began to meet with Fellows and experience their passion and dedication, it became an easy task for me to get more involved and contribute in any way that I could to help their work. What I tell to other ASN members that I’ve recruited is that there are so many opportunities to make a contribution to people who are on the cutting edge of social entrepreneurship. That is what drives me, and I invite them to join me in that pursuit."



- Jose de la Torre, US ASN member


“If you only have a few hours to provide to philanthropic endeavors, this is going to be the highest return you will ever get on those few hours”

 - Olivier Kayser, founder of Ashoka Support Network and Hystra