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Creating value for corporations and immigrant professionals

Ashoka Fellow, California, USA

Upwardly Global currently provides topnotch candidates to 70 corporate employers such as JP Morgan Chase, Google and BearingPoint and places individuals in full-time, benefited jobs at an average annual salary of $37,000, increasing their incomes by $16,000 on average.Jane Leu is developing a demand among corporations for the supply of highly-educated, skilled immigrants seeking employment in the US.  In cities across America, highly educated foreign-born professionals are part of the unskilled economy, while the economy as a whole faces an impending skilled-labor shortage.  Jane Leu has built Upwardly Global to open up professional career opportunities for skilled immigrants at leading companies by educating employers on the potential value of international experience and multilingual skills immigrant professionals bring.  The result is full economic citizenship for immigrant professionals and a strong, diverse workforce prepared to compete in the global marketplace.

Jane is creating economic opportunities, and transforming the nature of the workplace for corporations in the Upwardly Global network. 

Speech Topics:

  • Global workforce
  • Strategic citizen sector - corporate partnerships
  • Skilled migration
  • Cross-cultural hiring and integration
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