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Restructuring the Field of Sanitation Worldwide

Global Fellow, Singapore

Speech Topics:Believing in his motto of "Live A Useful Life," Jack Sim is restructuring the field of sanitation worldwide to provide clean, safe toilets for the estimated 2.6 billion people who lack access (UN/WHO 2005). Jack aimed to put Singapore on the "world map" by taking the lead in having clean public toilets, but he soon realized there were other existing toilet associations with no channel to facilitate information-sharing and gathering of resources. Jack founded the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001 and the World Toilet College (WTC) in 2005 to create a world body that unites these individual initiatives. Today, WTO comprises of 59 members in 42 countries. He aligns citizen groups, budgets, and government agendas to underscore the urgency of proper sanitation, decouple sanitation and water for the purposes of funding, and direct earmarked funds to citizen sector and public-private partnerships. His results are new toilets and the infrastructure and public will to maintain them. To overcome the cultural taboos that slow progress, Jack is orchestrating a campaign and set of ongoing marketing and education events – including the World Toilet Summit and World Toilet Day (November 19). In 2006, WTO has mobilized a $1 million Singapore Red Cross funded project to help rebuild toilets and sanitation treatment systems in the tsunami-affected areas in Aceh, Indonesia.

  • Sanitation
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  • Citizen Sector - Public/Private Partnerships
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