Creating a Legal System to Address Torture

Ashoka Fellow, California, USA

Gerald is in the process of creating a tracking center which will serve as an international information clearinghouse for organizations that pursue legal action against torturers. In these centers, clinical care will tackle the effects of physical and psychological torture, and provide support for staff traumatized by exposure to the victims’ experiences. His new Institute for Redress & Recovery at Santa Clara University links regional directors to local clinicians who together work with the legal centers. Gerald Gray is forging a national system to find torturers and hold them accountable, involving intertwining projects in law, psychology, journalism, investigation, research, education and policy development. Using a network of universities, lawyers, and lobbyists, Gerald is creating legal centers for torture survivors in the U.S. and Canada. These centers produce research on torture, advocacy for an anti-impunity culture and legislation, and bring lawsuits to trial.

Through his work, Gerald has provided assisance for torture survivors from over 80 countries. He is leveraging the most vital resources available in bringing torturers to account and redressing the trauma of victims.

Speech Topics:

  • Redress and Recovery
  • Clinical and Legal Practices for Torture Survivors
  • Humanitarian Intervention
This article was originally published on May 13, 2016
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