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Breaking the cycle of poverty-related illness

Ashoka Fellow, Brazil 

Speech Topics: Doctor Vera Cordeiro witnessed the constant admission/re-admission cycle of children treated in Brazil’s public hospitals who were released without having the necessary resources to continue their treatment at home. She brought together doctors, nurses, and members of the civil society to create Associação Saúde Criançar, which works with severely ill children of poor families to ensure that they receive nutrition, sanitation, and psychological support post-hospital discharge for a full recover. Thus Associação Saúde Criança successfully addresses the root causes that had earlier prevented their families from providing adequate care. The methodology, which galvanizes government, community, and professional supports, works: Associação Saúde Criança is recognized as a national model and has spread to 14 other associations across Brazil. She is an outspoken advocate for children’s health and developmental rights and member of the Ashoka Global Board of Directors.

  • Children's heath
  • Scaling for impact
  • Health care systems
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