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Breaking the Silence of Sexual Abuse in India

Ashoka Fellow, New Delhi, India

Anuja Gupta is breaking the silence of sexual abuse taboos in India society by providing middle- and upper-middle class women survivors of sexual child abuse with a forum for opening up about their experiences. These discussions both spur the healing process for the women and allow Anuja to raise awareness about the problem and prevent future abuse of children. Individually and in groups, the women in her program rebuild their identities, develop trusting relationships with peers, and learn about their rights as women and as human beings. In addition, Anuja is enabling the participants in her program to prevent further abuse in their own families and extended families, thus breaking the generational cycle of abuse and dramatically changing the circumstances in which thousands of girls grow up. Through workshops on incest and sexual abuse, Anuja reaches out to abuse survivors, students, and other groups of interested adults, both women and men. Additionally, she has published the report Voices from the Silent Zone: Women's Experiences of Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse, and The House I Grew Up In, a collection of powerful personal testimonies of Indian women survivors of abuse and incest.

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  • Women/Child Sexual Abuse
  • Human Rights
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