Director of Empathy and Changemaker Schools, Ashoka Canada
When Empathy and Changemaker Schools Director Amy Satterthwaite first read her job description, she felt as if it were written just for her. Amy was already on the same wavelength as Start Empathy: she sees empathy as intrinsic to meaningful social change, and schools as key to embedding it in society. Amy joins Ashoka Canada after over a decade of teaching and working with adolescents in Toronto's public system. “I’ve always deeply valued the development of social and emotional skills in young people and have made that a core aspect of my teaching practice. This personal imperative has pushed me to look past supposed systemic limitations toward what’s possible, and to take the risk of leading by example.” Amy is also co-parent to two young changemakers, sings in a rock choir, and is co-leading a project that supports vacation property owners in the Georgian Bay archipelago in designing residences that sympathize with the cultural heritage landscape.