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Ashoka selects the world's leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows; the leading elementary, middle and high schools as Changemaker Schools when their students prioritize empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and changemaking; and colleges and universities as Ashoka Changemaker Campuses when they make social innovation an embedded core value.

Name Type Country Focus of Work Election Datesort descending
Sudhirender Sharma Fellow India 1986
Zukri Saad Fellow Indonesia 1986
Flavia Agnes Fellow India 1986
Alba Lucy Giraldo Figueroa Fellow Brazil 1986
Enny Soekoer Fellow Indonesia 1986
Silvia Maria Carvalho Fellow Brazil Child care, Early childhood development, Education / Learning, Children & Youth 1986
Mary Allegretti Zanoni Fellow Brazil Conservation / protection, Natural resource management, Environment & Sustainability 1987
Maurice Bazin Fellow Brazil 1987
Ummu Salamah Fellow Indonesia 1987
Marlene Morgado segundo dos santos Fellow Brazil Child care, Disability, Disability rights, Tolerance / pluralism, Children & Youth, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality, Peace & Harmonious Relations 1987
Roberto dos Santos Fellow Brazil Child abuse, Child protection, Education / Learning, Children & Youth 1987
Mara Regina Tagliari Calliari Fellow Brazil 1987
Yambem Laba Fellow India 1987
Bharat Dutta Koirala Fellow Nepal 1987
Geraldo Santos Marinho Fellow Brazil Housing, Development & Prosperity 1987