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Get search results, and see a map display for up to three types of Ashoka network members: Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Changemaker Schools, and AshokaU Changemaker Campuses. You can filter your results by country and keyword. Ashoka selects the world's leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows; the leading elementary, middle and high schools as Changemaker Schools when their students prioritize empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and changemaking; and colleges and universities as Ashoka Changemaker Campuses when they make social innovation an embedded core value.
Name Type Country Focus of Work Election Date
Uday Community School Changemaker School India 2015
Escola ComunitÌÁria Luiza Mahin Changemaker School Brazil 2015
Escola Municipal Anne Frank Changemaker School Brazil 2015
Escola Municipal Professor Paulo Freire Changemaker School Brazil 2015
Heritage School Changemaker School India 2015
Maria do Socorro Mendonça Fellow Brazil 2015
Jeronimo Villas Boas Fellow Brazil 2015
Mark Edwards Fellow United States Health & Fitness, Civil rights, Health care, Population, Poverty alleviation, Reproductive health, Human Rights & Equality, Environment & Sustainability, Development & Prosperity 2015
Nalini Saligram Fellow India Health & Fitness, Conscious consumerism, Nutrition, Civic Engagement 2015
Shaikh Rashid Fellow Bangladesh Civic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Employment, Civil rights, Income generation, Social enterprise, Business & Social Enterprise, Human Rights & Equality 2015
Jose María Luzárraga Monasterio Fellow Spain Children & Youth, Education / Learning, Cooperatives, Employment, Business & Social Enterprise 2015
Klára Laurencíková Fellow Czech Republic Children & Youth, Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Disability, Civil rights, Civic Engagement, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality 2015
Ana Urrutia Beaskoa Fellow Spain Human Rights & Equality, Aging, Disability, Health care, Intergenerational issues, Health & Fitness, Peace & Harmonious Relations 2015
Samina Bano Fellow India Children & Youth, Education / Learning 2015
Rafael Matesanz Fellow Spain Health & Fitness, Health care 2015