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Yehudah Paz

Ashoka Fellow since Nov 2009


For three decades, Yehudah Paz has been bringing peace to the highly conflicted area of the Middle East. Yehudah links human cooperation with economic development and focuses on civil society as the vehicle for successful social transformation. Through fostering collaborative Arab-Israeli grassroots...

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Ines Fernandez

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2014


Somsook Boonyabancha

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 1991


Somsook Boonyabancha, an architect for the public, has found a way to end the universally harmful stalemate between poor slum squatters and owners/developers that characterizes so many southern hemisphere cities.

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Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

Ashoka Fellow since May 2007

United States

In America, the country with the highest infant mortality rate of the industrialized world, black babies are more than twice as likely as white babies to die before their first birthday. Kathryn Hall-Trujillo is changing that. Through the Birthing Project, she is building a social support system...

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A botanist from India's western Himalayan foothills, Anil Joshi is identifying new uses of bio-mass waste and weeds and helping villagers launch, manage and control related enterprises.

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Hosne Ara Begum

Ashoka Fellow since Oct 1989


Hosne Ara Begum, herself a victim of discrimination and abuse, has launched a genuine grassroots movement initiated by poor women, which is growing rapidly across northern Bangladesh.

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Rodrigo Brito

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2007


Rodrigo Brito created the Entrepreneurs Alliance to develop, together with small businesses, infrastructure and quality services to increase income and profit in low-income communities that are normally excluded from the market. The Alliance facilitates a support network with businessmen, students...

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Magda Sami

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2005


Children with physical disabilities suffer extreme isolation and marginalization in Egyptian society, and represent a largely neglected social sector. Magda Sami is opening new doors for these children through a new, multi-service education center with a staff of trained teachers and therapists who...

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Eric Glustrom

Ashoka Fellow since May 2012


With the understanding that persistent poverty and social challenges cannot be solved without developing strong and resourceful leadership, Eric Glustrom partners with Ugandan schools to provide a practice-based social entrepreneurship program that empowers young people to think, and act, like...

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José Reyes

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 1995

Escuela Francisco de Borja Echeverría

José Reyes is developing and testing a new model for post-primary schooling that will make better use of limited resources and more effectively address the needs of Chile's disadvantaged youth. His approach will prepare young people from the poorest segments of the country's population to enter the...

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