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Rajesh Shrestha

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 1991


Rajesh Shrestha, a confident young architect, is developing low-cost, locally appropriate housing options to relieve the hard living conditions of many of Nepal's poor.

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Hernán Dinamarca

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 1996

Individual Chile

Hernán Dinamarca is revolutionizing the field of alternative video and communications by creating the first cable television station to be entirely produced, directed, edited, and financed by members of a local community, including youth, women, and environmentalists. His community-controlled...

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Jacqueline Goita Dembélé

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 1998

APAF "Muso Danbé" (Appui à la Promotion des Aides Familiales

Jacqueline Dembele has founded the first association dedicated to defending the rights and improving the working conditions of young women employed as domestics in Mali. She is helping make domestic work a transition rather than a destination, a means to achieving education and financial stability...

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Mark Callaghan

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 1991


Mark is an artist and paper-maker with a strong interest in pre-Hispanic culture, which has led him to develop a community-based paper-making project that will provide the local Maya population with a potentially marketable product and a reintroduction to lost traditions.

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Nneka Mobisson

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 2018


In Nigeria, the primary focus of the government and donors is on communicable diseases, maternal health and HIV/AIDS. Instead, Nneka Mobisson is focusing on the main threat to global health which is not on the radar of the government, mainly the non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases...

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Sazzad Hossain

Ashoka Fellow since Oct 2018


Sazzad is changing the experience of migrant workers, helping them use their time abroad to improve their quality of life and ultimately their livelihoods.

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Marie Madeleine Gianni

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2019


Marie is working to overcome and knocking down gender stereotypes barriers. She is empowering girls to allow themselves to dream with no bias like their male counterparts. She does this through innovative training and active learning experiences that engage young girls, young male teenagers, schools...

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Isaya Yunge

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2019


Isaya Yunge is connecting underprivileged African students to advanced level education by opening up new education funding resources that were previously unavailable to them and building an ecosystem that breaks the myth that advanced level education is only for the wealthy.

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Vernon Ringland

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2018


Vernon has developed a methodology that supports young people to take charge of grantmaking in their communities, allowing them to lead real, concrete change and enabling them to fully realize their changemaking potential.

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Kristina Lunz

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2019


Kristina stimulates a cultural transformation of global foreign policy towards feminist values. She does this by connecting a feminist approach in social sciences with ministries and the active thought-leader civil society. The goal is to overcome dominant political thought patterns and patriarchal...

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