Changemaker School
Chicago, IL
United States
Partner Since 2014

Belmont-Cragin has built a culture and climate where problems are brought forth to be solved and challenges are viewed as opportunities. Belmont-Cragin was chosen to be at the forefront of social and emotional learning, creating a strong sense of community. One reason being, the dedicated staff and strong, visionary leadership. It is Belmont-Cragin’s goal to carry this ideal to students as Belmont-Cragin molds them into the young leaders of tomorrow.

Related TopicsChildren & Youth, Play, Youth leadership, Civic Engagement, Arts & culture, Citizen / community participation, Every child practicing empathy


This profile was prepared when Belmont-Cragin Elementary School joined the Ashoka Partnership in 2014.
Change Leaders
Change Team


Despite the fact that the school is surrounded by four different gang territories, Belmont-Cragin has reached at 95% attendance rate.

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