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Ashoka's Vision

Because we live in a changemaker world, everyone must be an effective and confident changemaker.

For many generations, society was organized around a few people at the top telling everyone else to repeat their specialized skills faster and faster. Today, all of us have the means to lead and get big things done. This is causing social change to explode in every direction.

The New Framework

Ashoka has identified the new framework needed for living and working together in this radically different world drawn from insights working with our global network of Ashoka Fellows, the world's leading social entrepreneurs. The four elements of the framework are empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking.

Empathy is crucial in a world where rules can’t keep pace with the speed and complexity of change. Empathy-based ethics is fast becoming the cornerstone for our everyday dealings.

Teamwork relies on everyone having the capacity to work in fluid, open teams of teams to see and seize the ever-changing opportunities in this new strategic landscape.

New Leadership requires that every player on the team be an initiator. Each person must see the big picture and advance solutions that contribute to positive social outcomes.

Changemaking is the capacity to freely and effectively innovate for the good of all.

What We Do

Ashoka's four areas of focus and investment help people to understand and adapt to a world of accelerating change where everyone is called on to be a leader:

Social Entrepreneurship
Ashoka selects world-class social entrepreneurs who are leading the way to an everyone-a-changemaker world.

To thrive in today’s rapidly changing world, everyone must be a changemaker, and changemaking starts with empathy.

Lead Young
Ashoka is leading a movement to transform how young people grow up so they have the power to lead, to contribute — to be in charge.

Team of Teams
Living and working in our changemaker world requires breaking through silos, tearing down walls, and organizing in fluid, open, teams of teams.


Ashoka's programs in more than 90 countries build networks that help people see and understand this new framework, and take action as changemakers.

Join Us

Ashoka invites everyone to contribute in the most powerful way by joining with us as co-leaders in the “everyone a changemaker” movement. We are social entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurs, and change leaders across sectors who are bringing this powerful framework to our communities, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods.