The Director of Ashoka Arab World, Dr. Iman Bibars, is currently participating in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington DC. She has just published an article on The Huffington Post outlining the messages she is taking to the Summit.

These key messages are:

  1. The Summit will give the two sides (The U.S. and the Muslim World) a crucial chance to evolve their engagement and go beyond a focus on security and oil;
  2. The Summit must incorporate social entrepreneurship equally, if not more-so, than business entrepreneurship;
  3. In spite of this pivotal meeting, the Islamic world cannot wait for the U.S. to solve its problems, and must begin identifying and supporting entrepreneurs in its own communities.

The full article can be read on The Huffington Post.

Also participating in the summit is Ashoka Fellow Tri Mumpuni from Indonesia.  She had the distinction of being mentioned and having her work described by President Obama himself.

Learn more about the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship and follow it live here.

This article was originally published on 27 April 2010
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