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Torriano Primary School sits at the heart of a diverse and multicultural neighborhood in inner city London. The children, staff, parents, and community come from a range of ethnic backgrounds and a high number of students have a statement of special educational needs. All aspects of the school and its ethos are based on the UNICEF’s ‘Convention of the Rights of the Child’ (UNCRC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals). This framework provides students and staff with a ‘window on the world’ - a global focus on the broader events and changes that are shaping humankind.

We are looking for opportunities such as language exchanges, international projects, teacher training or any other real world learning projects.


Changemaker initiatives

  • “Who do I want to be?” - the fundamental question that communicates the school ethos
  • Torriano is a beacon UNICEF’s Rights Respecting and as such embeds Article 12 of the Convention in all aspects of school life
  • The school is an expert Centre for the new Global Learning Programme (GLP) for England.


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This profile was prepared when Torriano Junior School joined the Ashoka Partnership in 2015.
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