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Matthew Moss High School facilitates social and emotional development alongside academics. They believe in students’ life-long and independent learning, meaningful contribution to society and exposure to systems thinking. They uphold a unique learning agenda through learner-led classrooms in which students co-construct their learning experiences.

We are keen to engage with other Changemaker schools, as well as schools in our locality, researchers, parents and businesses. We are looking for opportunities such as language exchanges, international projects, teacher training or any other real world learning projects.


Changemaking initiatives:

  • My World - Project-based curriculum in which students pursue independent learning on a subject
  • Breakthrough to Learning - a programme based on the belief that a more abstract academic language should be used
  • Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) - incorporates seven aptitudes: Learning Relationships, Changing and Learning, Critical Curiosity, Creativity, Strategic Awareness, Resilience and Making Meaning


For a brief description of our signature programmes, please see the tab below or for more information on our school/ further publications, please visit these links:


Matthew Moss
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This profile was prepared when Matthew Moss High School joined the Ashoka Partnership in 2014.
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