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Social justice shapes Carlogie Primary School’s ethos and internal atmosphere, underpinning the way in which students, staff and the wider community interact with one another. The golden thread that has woven all of this together is the school’s identity as a Fairtrade School, where students and staff engage in learning opportunities that develop solidarity and understanding.

We are keen to engage with other Changemaker schools, as well as schools in our locality and beyond, researchers, parents, and businesses for real world learning opportunities, language exchanges, international projects, teacher training or any other real world learning projects.


Changemaking initiatives:

  • Playground Buddies - trains students in restorative conflict resolution approach
  • Carlogie’s Smiley Savers - a student-run credit union support
  • The school is one of the biggest hubs for deaf students in the region, running numerous initiatives including a student deaf choir


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This profile was prepared when Carlogie Primary School joined the Ashoka Partnership in 2016.
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Because of its Fairtrade school status, Carlogie has developed strong educational partnerships with other Fairtrade organisations, both locally in Dundee (which is a proud ‘Fair Trade City’ working with the local Fair Trade Forum and the national Fair Trade Foundation) and nationally. They have worked together with staff members of other primary and secondary schools to deliver professional development, share good practice, and support transitions from primary to secondary schools. Carlogie has also developed a partnership with Co-operative Education Trust Scotland and is a member of the Eco Schools network.

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