Environmental justice

Sophia's Journey to Making the Climate Movement more Accessible

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Reilly Brooks

In this Changemaker Conversation, we speak with Sophia Kianni, a climate activist and young changemaker from Washington D.C on how the climate crisis, the role of young people, and how-to's for getting started on your own journey.

Saving Oslo's Seas: Yoana's Changemaker Journey

Yoana.jpg Yoana


Yoana Svetoslavova, a 19 year old Changemaker from Norway shares her changemaker journey as well as insightful tips for other young people who want to create change and adults who want to support them.

Lëmnec's Changemaker Journey

Lemnec Tiller's Changemaker Journey English subtitles

Reilly Brooks

A rising leader in Colombia, Lëmnec is a young engineer creating clean water systems in communities throughout La Guajira.

Carolina's Changemaker Journey

#LeadYoung Carolina Placenica (English Subtitles)

Reilly Brooks

Carolina is revolutionizing clean water systems with a team of young changemakers in Ecuador.