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15 Years of Change in the Arab World

15 Years of Change - Ashoka in the Arab World 2.jpg 15 Years of Change - Ashoka in the Arab World
Ashoka Arab World celebrates 15 years of changemaking and the growth of a thriving social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the MENA region.

Dune Lankard, on the Future of Climate-Changing-Everything

Dune Lankard.png Dune Lankard


Hi, I’m Dune, creator of: Eyak Preservation Council and the Native Conservancy, which we set up in the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill — we have in the years since taken on numerous and endless frontline issues to protect our ancestral home, wild salmon runs, the ocean way of life, and suppor

No One Has A Monopoly On Caring About The Planet

Nicole Rycroft.jpg Nicole Rycroft

Nicole Rycroft

The businesses with the biggest footprints are some of the most important allies in fighting climate change. Nicole Rycroft, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Canopy, has been transforming supply chains to save our forests for over two decades.

Mobilizing Harmonious Communities: Durukan’s Changemaker Journey

Ashoka Fellow Durukan Dudu Ashoka Fellow Durukan Dudu

Reilly Brooks

Durukan’s journey to discovering how people live in balance with nature through regenerative agriculture began in his teens when he began to mobilize his peers to build an eco-community. These early experiences while young were prescient to Durukan’s career as a leading social entrepreneur.

Sophia's Journey to Making the Climate Movement more Accessible

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Reilly Brooks

In this Changemaker Conversation, we speak with Sophia Kianni, a climate activist and young changemaker from Washington D.C on how the climate crisis, the role of young people, and how-to's for getting started on your own journey.

Saving Oslo's Seas: Yoana's Changemaker Journey

Yoana.jpg Yoana


Yoana Svetoslavova, a 19 year old Changemaker from Norway shares her changemaker journey as well as insightful tips for other young people who want to create change and adults who want to support them.

Carolina's Changemaker Journey

#LeadYoung Carolina Placenica (English Subtitles)

Reilly Brooks

Carolina is revolutionizing clean water systems with a team of young changemakers in Ecuador.