Marc Cheb Sun-Sonnino

Ashoka Fellow
Paris, France
Fellow Since 2007





Pour lutter contre les discriminations et pour promotion la diversité, Marc utilise les médias comme agent principal du changement social. Il a lancé Respect Magazine pour permettre à la France de reconnaitre son métissage comme une chance et une force en transformant la culture ambiante, qui essaye de gommer les différences, pour au contraire les valoriser.



Respect Mag est un magazine urbain, social et métissé, qui diffuse la promotion de la diversité sur toute la France. Son contenu est disponible par abonnement, avec un tirage de 40 000 exemplaires, et le site internet délivre un contenu pointu, quotidiennement actualisé. Respect Mag est reconnu par l’Onu et l’Unesco comme média leader sur la diversité.



Français d’origine italo-égyptienne, Marc ressent très jeune un rejet social et la volonté politique d’ignorer les différences d’origines plutôt que favoriser leur intégration. Journaliste autodidacte, il publie Dipipol, ouvrage contre le racisme, avant de lancer Respect Mag. Respect Mag a récemment rejoint le groupe SOS.

Related TopicsHuman Rights & Equality, Cultural preservation, Civil rights, Civic Engagement, Media


This profile was prepared when Marc Cheb Sun-Sonnino was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
The New Idea
In 2004 Marc established the brand Respect through the launch of Respect Magazine: The first French periodical aimed at 18 to 30 year-olds that sought to mirror the spectrum of diversity within French society. The magazine features articles on urban music, sports, and societal issues, and encourages debates on religion, impoverished suburban areas, and discrimination; among other topics. Its mission statement reflects the values of the brand: “Freeing our imaginations from the bonds of colonialism and learning to live together.” Through this publication, Marc has successfully united his readership around the value of respect for each others differences, rather than focus on community or religious identifications.

In creating this magazine, Marc sought to ensure that it remained faithful to its identity and relevant, and most importantly, that it maintained a strong relationship with its loyal readership. As such, he constantly strives for innovative approaches to keep readers interested and to stay ahead of trends. The future of the brand however, lies in encouraging the growth of its special relationship with the constituencies that Marc and his teams have successfully attracted to the Respect concept, including large companies, associations, and institutions, such as schools, courts, and the police.

Marc’s core values of honesty, transparency, and political independence, have earned the brand much recognition and support, and after two years, he expanded his work by launching the Dynamique Diversité Association which seeks to further train people in the Respect approach.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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