Luis Adrian Quiroz Castillo

Ashoka Fellow
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This profile was prepared when Luis Adrian Quiroz Castillo was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
Adrian launched the community-based Beneficiaries of the Mexican Social Security Institute Living with HIV (DVVIMSS) and has achieved impressive improvements in healthcare and drug supply in a remarkably short time. Since then, Adrian has dedicated his time and efforts to improving public health systems through innovative mechanisms and methodologies, evolving the mission of the program to address public health challenges around Mexico.

Adrian is giving patients of the entire Mexican public health system the opportunity and leverage to demand their rights to effective care. The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is the health insurance provider for more than 40 million non-government employees throughout Mexico. Through Adrian’s organization DVVIMSS, IMSS patients can use electronic platforms, complaint modules, and workshops to report issues and help DVVIMSS to identify the most recurrent problems within the health sector. DVVIMSS, relying upon the existing institutional mechanisms and freedom of information tools, is able to access, track, and organize government and statistical information. Armed with this new knowledge, Adrian’s organization can build solid cases against the faults and abuses of the healthcare system.

These cases are documented and channeled to the decision-makers of health agencies to begin the steps to improve or transform the services and system alike. In most cases management resolves the disagreements. Only in a few rare cases have they had to turn to agencies, such as the Internal Control Unit, Human Rights Commission or the National Council to Eliminate Discrimination, to obtain additional leverage. This model has been highly successful, resolving more than 750 complaints of shortages of medicine, and 400 more on issues such as insufficient medical care, discrimination and denial of medical services. These cases are closely followed to ensure systemic improvement. For example, Adrian has helped create a “work table,” consisting of both health professionals and the IMSS supply chain provision team, to organize and monitor IMSS supplies to ensure that 100 percent of medicines are dispensed to patients in an efficient and timely manner. Unlike other models that attempt to reform the healthcare system, Adrian’s organization is the only one that involves the beneficiaries, so that individuals are able to demand their rights as informed citizens.
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