Johan Wendt

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2012


This profile was prepared when Johan Wendt was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
Johan is creating a network of math programs to make math vibrant, exciting, and respected as a key skill for success. His tutoring programs are community-based, building a web of experts—from engineers to PhDs and beyond—to create a culture where math is easy and interesting. With a comprehensive approach utilizing YouTube, phone apps, online support programs and simulators, public math events, and an international network of tutors, Johan is building a new generation of math experts who understand the relevance of math and find it exciting.

Johan’s program is based on the principle that math is an integral skill to functional and active citizenship. As an informed member of democratic society, basic skills in math are essential. Johan has set up outreach channels that show how math can help kids in their career success, personal ambition, and daily life. Johan has created a free and accessible program where kids can and want to participate, equipping students with an interest for math and the skills they need.

Johan meets the kids where they are, using free, creative approaches that stealthily get kids interested in math; he has designed both physical and virtual platforms that encourage inclusion and participation on a large scale. Mattecentrum, the organization he founded, has an air of contagious enthusiasm that is imbued within the organizational structure, capitalizing on the peer pressure and “it factor” that drives so many youth habits.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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