David Riveros García

Special Relationship (Virtual)
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Elected in 2021
Because of the pandemic, David Riveros García was selected by Ashoka for a Special Relationship (Virtual) using an online process.


According to research by Transparency International, Paraguay is among the 5 most corrupt countries in Latin America. Apathy and lack of commitment are key aspects for the problem to continue. David developed a program that manages to interest and engage young people in the promotion of transparency, to fight corruption, while developing skills and becoming agents of change.

The New Idea

David seeks to combat corruption in Paraguay and promote an active and transparent democracy. Paraguay, like most Latin American countries, has high levels of corruption that translate into apathy among citizens and enormous difficulties for progress and access, in some cases, to basic rights in education, health, infrastructure.
To face this reality, David promotes the formation of youth leadership and training in the monitoring of public resources in the educational field, which is part of the closest and daily reality of young people. Through a volunteer program, young people learn to understand the dynamics of public resources and their deviations resulting from corruption, at the same time that they understand their reality and work to transform it. Reaction programs, the organization founded by David, include training in debate, argumentation, programming, data management, requests for access to public information, design, among others. These programs attract young people from secondary schools and universities in Ciudad del Este and surrounding regions. In addition, David formed his organization in such a way that young people become its associates and remain linked to Reacción in their educational and work careers that they continue after volunteering.