Darío Kosovski

Ashoka Fellow
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fellow Since 2007


This profile was prepared when Darío Kosovski was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
The New Idea
Piece by piece, Dario is breaking down a social, economic, and legal system that fosters the proliferation of violence and weapons. In its place, he is laying the foundation for peaceful, nonviolent resolution to conflict. Though Dario’s concern is with violence and conflict in general, he is focusing on arms reform as a starting point because he saw that the issue was not being systematically addressed by anyone else in Argentina. He will fill this gap.

Dario is addressing the societal forces that enable arms proliferation; he is focused on reducing the demand for arms, decreasing the supply of arms, and improving arms control and regulation. He reduces demand through striking symbolic media messages and public awareness campaigns—such as his campaign to eliminate the over-abundance of violent/war toys for children.

Dario understands that one of the reasons the current state-sponsored system of increasingly punitive measures against criminals has not been effective in reducing violence is that there are societal—and particularly, economic—forces at work to keep the system in place. Dario has successfully campaigned to move the office dealing with arms registration from the control of the Ministry of Defense, where it was outsourced to a private company financed largely by arms manufacturers, to the Ministry of the Interior. Many of Dario’s other activities similarly target public policy and legal reform to promote disarmament and increase arms regulation. He has, for example, instigated a state-sponsored call to hand over weapons to the state.

Beyond Argentina, Dario is leading a coalition of Latin American organizations to share best practices and generate policies to promote public security and disarmament throughout the entire region.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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