Empathy Change-Leaders Convening in NYC

10 July 2017
Warby Parker Offices- 161 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10013

On July 10th Ashoka is convening key partners in education at the offices of Warby Parker in New York. Our collective goals for this meeting are: 

 1) To achieve greater clarity of the felt needs in our current educational landscape.

 2) To share the innovations we are working on as organizational leaders related to changemaking in the educational ecosystem.

 3) To define next steps in our collective changemaker journey.

Together we can do even more to change the frameworks around growing up and to develop and support powerful change leaders in education.


“A changemaker is someone with the will and the skill to put empathy into action for the good of all.”

Bill Drayton, Ashoka Founder & CEO 

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